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What is the social function of a painter? Beyond desire, there is responsibility. The responsibility of an artist to society, and the responsibility of an individual to herself. Positive cultural shifts
cannot happen without individual decisions
to make meaningful
ces. Abandoning the term "Intervention," I think of this on-going
series of work as Gesture.

Part of the Gesture Art series includes various sites for A Line, a painting
for me. The defintions of "art" and "artist" are ever-changing. While in San Francisco, I started A Line. Passing through four cultural neighborhoods,
on my knees, I connected city inhabitants by filling cracks in the sidewalk, using multi-colored NuPastels. While the formal resolution is ephemeral,
the experience lives on in people's minds, replacing social
divisions with new connections.
A Line
A Line is a place to meet.
A Line suggests possibilities and questions limitations.
A Line follows lived experience.
A Line lives experience.
A Line is being drawn and being tolerant.
A Line is colorful and quiet.
A Line fits in, fills, and formalizes cracks.
A Line moves and embraces flux.
A Line stands still as an act of resistance.
A Line never made that boundary.
A Line is infinite and connecting.
A Line is a place for community to happen.
I am drawing A Line. I will meet you there...


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